Cross Contamination What Is It?

Well cross contamination can occur any time in your kitchen. Simply what it means is contaminating your gluten free food with gluten.

How Do We Stop Cross Contamination?

If possible start by a gluten free kitchen, but this is a challenge at times as their might be family members who can eat normally and just don’t want to go down the gluten free path.

So Where Do We Start?

Set up a safe zone in your kitchen. What do we mean by this well it’s simple really. Keep all your utensils, cutting boards, tea towels, bread storage bin, toasters and so on in a no contaminated area. Imagine using your toaster for gluten free only bread but somebody has been using it for their gluten bread! now this is where you will become contaminated and start to feel the effects of gluten in your system. It only takes one crumb to be sick. Imagine using a cutting board that someone has cut their gluten bread on and you use it after for your own gluten free bread, what do you think would happen? you got it contamination.

Do Not Trust anyone to do the right thing by you in your kitchen, accidents happen and people get complacent.

So Why look At Gluten Free Emporium?

The answer is in our self explained  products. We have a message which is loud and clear. Keep Me Gluten Free. You or your family and friends will not be second guessing what is what.Our cutting boards are made of bamboo and are non porous so nothing will be trapped within the board and yes the message is definitely clear. Slowly but surely once you have a gluten free kitchen things will be get better, after all your health is in your hands.

Have A look At Our Products

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