Our Bamboo Cutting Boards

Our Non Cross Contamination cutting boards make a statement. Eliminate contamination in your kitchen with these boards. They are solely used for Non Gluten foods. They will stand out in your kitchen allowing you to be that step closer to having a gluten free non contaminated kitchen. Our boards can also be hung.

Why Bamboo?

  because bamboo does not absorb liquids as easily as wooden boards.

Less cracking and warping, also being non porous bamboo is more resistant to bacteria and can last a lot longer than ordinary boards. They also are very low maintenance. It is always recommended when washing use hot water and soap.  Our boards have been coated with a food grade oil allowing the boards to look and feel great. 

Our boards are suitable for all kitchen purposes, e.g. used for chopping or serving.

Our Message

We have a message on all our products.


This will allow anyone  to think twice before we prepare food in our kitchen We all know what a bit of gluten can do to your body. So lets be mindful when it comes to Cross Contamination.


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