Teaching your children to cook is one of the most important things you can teach them especially if they have coeliac’s.

Imagine not giving them these skills and once they have decided to leave home they won’t know where to start as you have done everything for them. Having the disease and yes that’s what it is especially as a child then that’s even worse as they don’t understand the ramifications this could and will have on their bodies for years to come.

However there is always a light at the end of every tunnel. Teaching your children to be self sufficient when it comes to Coeliac is paramount. 


First and foremost they need to understand the disease itself so they can be made aware of the dangers in eating gluten and cross contamination of gluten. Once they grasp this concept then you are partly there. Now this is where you as a parent with or without the disease need to teach them. As a parent you need to do everything you can to make sure they understand the do’s and dont’s.


Look around your kitchen especially the pantry. Remember you need to separate all your breads, pasta and anything gluten from your gluten free products. Label everything as well, so maybe divide your pantry into Gluten and Non Gluten. At this point your’e wondering well why don’t we all go gluten free? believe me when I say this, but not every family member will go gluten free. Ok now you have sorted your pantry. Now what’s next? Food preparation is the key here and especially the utensils and any other cooking items you may use. If you don’t know already just a crumb of gluten bread can affect any Coeliac person young and old. By using a simple cutting board which has a simple message KEEP ME GLUTEN FREE will go along way in teaching your children the right a wrong tools to use whilst preparing food. 


Children tend to be a bit blase about anything so it is important to cook alongside them show them what needs to be done and most of all tell them that gluten in their system is a no no and if you have to be graphic then by all means show them what it can do to them in the long run. Once you have this down packed your children will understand the difference between gluten and non gluten, and they will understand what it means if they start to fall back and say things like one bite of this gluten food won’t hurt.

Cooking is a fun thing to do so make it fun for them as well, this way they are learning about Coeliac’s and keeping their bodies in check, but most of all they are learning the lessons of life which is to be able to cook so once they have decided to leave your home (as sad as that is) they will have learnt life lessons and most of all they will thank you for years to come.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to message us because like yourselves we suffer from Coeliac’s as well.

Thank you and God Bless..

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