A little bit of gluten is ok?

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If you have Coeliac Disease then  gluten is not ok!! It only takes 50 mg of gluten which in essence is a bread crumb, which is plenty enough to give you trouble. So little by little every crumb or any small amount of gluten is causing you damage to your intestine slowly but surely.

Myth 2

Coeliac disease is rare?

One in every 70 people in Australia have Coeliac but those are the ones diagnosed. There are so many more out there who have the disease but not diagnosed  or having symptoms but refusing to get looked at.

Myth 3

Meat & Poultry contain Gluten.

Meat and animal products unprocessed such as (milk cheese and butter) are all gluten free and are all consumable for those on a gluten free diet. If animals have been given gluten in their diet, gluten is not present in the meat or any other product made by animals.


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