What Is Gluten?

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Gluten is a protein which is a molecule and it is often found in grains. Which grains? wheat, barley, Rye. kamut, spelt and semolina.

Ok So What Can We Do To Take Control? 

Your kitchen is the place we start to look at what you can do to eliminate gluten contamination and to take control of your life and health. Believe it or not but most Coeliac’s do not know right from wrong when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. Being a Coeliac myself I struggled every day to keep on top of the kitchen and to try and stop cross contamination. My family didn’t realise how serious this disease really is so things had to change. We started to have a tea towel for gluten free only but that didn’t work because it didn’t stand out to say HEY!! don’t use me unless you are using it for gluten free tasks. Ok so yes our tea towels send out a big message and it’s not hard to miss it. HAVE A LOOK 

How Else Can You Take Control?

Educate the family on the importance of a healthy non gluten kitchen.This will take time to get them all to come around. Our children now are on board with it all and when they start dinner they make sure they are using the correct utensils. Now once you have mastered the art of using the correct items when it comes to cooking, as you will because all our products have the same purpose to tell and educate people don’t touch i’m gluten free. So be diligent in your kitchen allow yourself to take control of your disease and allowing you to lead a better and healthier lifestyle.

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