Who Are We?

Glad you asked.

We are a family owned business which look at solving cross contamination for those who have Coeliac Disease.

What is Cross Contamination?

It is when gluten has crossed paths with your strict non gluten intake. Let’s say you are wiping down a bench with a tea towel that contains gluten, which could be as little as a bread crumb. 

Now with that same tea towel you use it to wipe a glass. Now the glass has become contaminated.

Yes that’s all it takes to become infected. My wife suffers badly from Coeliac and this is what has prompted us to act and help people like yourselves to lead a better life especially when it comes to cooking in your kitchen.

Our products will make you aware of the fact that you must be diligent in your ways especially in the kitchen. There are so many ways you can prevent cross contamination. Our products will set you up in the right direction to keep you safe from being contaminated.

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